Tall and dark

When I was at school, half a century ago, I enjoyed creative writing (although I think we called it composition), but took Science and Mathematics, leaving fiction behind. Now I am letting out those ideas and stories that got bottled up, over the years, in the form of short stories, poems and novels, under the assumed name, Will Ingrams. I don’t use my own name because there are at least two people called Richard Williams who are much better known than me.

Over the past couple of years I have submitted a number of pieces of work to competitions and anthologies, and had some success with publication and prizes. More recently I have published my first novel, Taken In, which may be the reason you are reading this!

I live in Suffolk, England, but grew up in Hampshire and lived and taught in the Bahamas for three years, with my wife. We also have connections to Prague and Australia.

Once the dust settles on the publication of Taken In, I am hoping to continue with one of the new novel ideas I have been playing around with (and I promise not to end it with a preposition).




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