Summer Progress

Since December all my creative effort has gone into writing a novel, but it’s about time I updated this site and recorded some progress.

I recently heard why last year’s Poetic Republic competition for short stories and poems vanished without trace. The organiser, Peter Hartey, unfortunately died last Summer. This left the competition outcome on hold, but his friends and family are now planning to publish the story and poetry volumes resulting from the contest. As I enthused last year, this unique, participant-judged competition was enjoyable to take part in, and I now hope to see my shortlisted work published soon. I plan to post more work and comment here relating to this.

My novel is now in readable form. It took me from December to June to write the first draft, and I have just completed the revisions to produce the second draft. This is now out with a few readers for comment and review before I improve it further and decide what to do with it. The book’s current title is An Accidental Cruise, and it is a kind of literary thriller, set on a cruise ship in the South China sea. More about this to come.

Last year I wrote a poem called Rooftop Pool, and the Everglades Hotel section of this site provides background information. The poem was entered in the Poetic Republic competition, and is soon to be published in a new volume of work from BigSky Writers. More on this soon too.


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