Christmas Reading

If you like a seasonal story or poem to read in December, while you’re getting into that festive mood, or you want a ghost story to add a chill to a night that’s just too mild, then you are in luck.

My local writing group, called Big Sky Writers, has just released a thin volume of ten Christmas pieces, and it’s free to download now. You can get it in pdf, mobi or ePub format, to suit your eReading device.

BSXmas_360All you have to do is go to the Noisetrade site by clicking on the cover image or using the link below. You have to sign up with your email address, but the download is free, and once you sign up you can access lots of other free books and music too. Some of the music is really good, and you can pick up a couple of Christmas albums to refresh your turkey-stuffing playlist.

The principle of Noisetrade is that people give away free stuff to attract new listeners and readers, and I think it works.

Go to:



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