A New Story (coming soon)

I haven’t posted anything for a long time, because I have been busy with two activities. In the real world I am building a new workshop from the shell of an old brick outbuilding, and in the world of words and meanings I have been writing poems – ones that attempt to be serious. In all this I have neglected my story writing. To get myself back into it, and to improve my skills I am currently enrolled in a fiction course with futurelearn.com, which is a great organisation offering free courses in loads of areas run by universities all over the world. The fiction course is run by the Open University, and I am following it in my real name (Will Ingrams being a pen name). If you have arrived here from the futurelearn course then you will know my real name!

This explanation is the preamble for posting a new story, written as an exercise from the course and too long to post within the course network. It is called Flying High (currently) and I will post it shortly.

I am travelling at present, on my way to Australia, so it’s not easy to put up well edited photos, but I’ll add some later.


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